The History of Air Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic clothing designed and produced for Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan shoes have been produced for Michael Jordan in 1984 and were released for public consumption in 1985.

There are about 29 in total pairs of Air Jordan shoes that have been released so far.

Air Jordan I- Notorious

Air Jordan I Notorious was released between 1984-85. The shoe is mad e in Red, White and Black and features a big Nike arrow on it. The shoe has been worn by several individuals in the sporting field and has a good reputation for durability and strength.

Air Jordan II- Italian Stalion-1987

The Air Jordan II Italian Stalion was made in 1987. It is a black and white shoe with a sturdy finish. The shoe was worn by basketball players during that era and is known for their quality and design.

Air Jordan III- Gotta Be The Shoes- 1988

Air Jordan III Gotta Be The Shoes are again another piece of shoes by Nike. They boast a white and black finish with red on the back. These pair of shoes are solid and strong.

Air Jordan IV- Taking Flight-1989

Yet another pair of Air Jordan sneakers are the Air Jordan IV. These shoes are made of black finish and feature a white underlining below. They also have a hint of red in them.

Air Jordan V- The Fighter 1990

Air Jordan V The Fighter made history during that era. They are made out of white finish and have a red soul that make them stand out.

Air Jordan VI- Promised Land 1991

The Air Jordan V The Promised Land were made during 1991. These shoes have a white finish and a red soul and a nice Air Jordan logo to boast. The shoes were worn by basketball players during that era and were flaunted in the biggest of games.

Air Jordan VII- Pure Gold-1992

The Air Jordan VII Pure Gold has a white finish and a black and red soul. They are sturdy shoes and made of high quality. They were amongst the A-List shoes of that time and were worn by basketball players all the time.

Air Jordan VIII- Strap In-1993

The Air Jordan VIII Strap In were debuted in 1993 and are made of high quality. They have a white finish and a black and red sole. These shoes are extremely sturdy in design and were worn in excess during that year.

Air Jordan IX-Perfect Harmony-1994

The Air Jordan IX Perfect Harmony 1994 are white shoes with black laces and have a lower sole made up of black. They are solid and were worn by players in during that year. The shoe has a nice logo on the sole which makes it look incredibly unique and classy.

Other shoes launched by Air Jordan include the Air Jordan X – The Legacy Continues in 1995, the Air Jordan XI- The Class Act in 1996, Air Jordan XII, The Dynasty Continues in 1997, the Air Jordan XIII- The Black Cat Pounces in 1998, the Air Jordan XIV Race Ready in 1999, the Air Jordan XV- Speed of Sound in 2000, the Air Jordan XVI Marching On in 2001, the Air Jordan XVII Jazzed Up in 2002, the Air Jordan XVIII- Last Dance in 2003, The Air Jordan XIX- Full Flex 2004, the Air Jordan XX – Living Greatness in 2005, the Air Jordan XX1- Performance Luxury DNA 2006, the Air Jordan XX2 – Hit The Afterburners in 2007, the Air Jordan XX3- The Number of Greatness in 2008, the Air Jordan 2009-Beyond 2009, Air Jordan 2010- Full Speed Ahead in 2010, Air Jordan 2011- 2011, Air Jordan 2012-Choose Your Flight, Air Jordan XX8- Dare To Fly in 2013 and Air Jordan XX9 in 2014.

The Air Jordan XX8 was made available in February 15, 2013 and is priced at $250. The Dare To Fly sneakers were launched in 2013 and are made of solid black and have a green finish. They are made of solid design and are a good pair of solid shoes great for any type of sporting event. Lastly, the Air Jordan XX9 were launched in 2014 and boast a solid black design with a blue sole. They have a big Jordan logo on the side that make them look incredibly unique and classy. The shoes are available in two designs primarily a black one in which there is big red logo on the left and the black one with a white print on top. They have a sole made of super solid finish.