Dope Hiphop Pants

For any hip hop styled wardrobe, it’s probably a good idea to have a variety of sweatpants around. hiphop pantsBesides being comfy pretty much year round, they also just look good. Especially when worn with some swag kicks. These sweats in particular are dope (pun intended). These hip hop pants feature two things that make them pretty distinct.

First, the waistband and the leg-band are green, yellow, and red; which are the three colors of the Rastafarian movement. Those colors have been used lately for the 420 movement, which leads to the next cool thing about these hiphop pants.

The front left leg has an embroidered marijuana leaf. It stands out pretty well being embroidered in a shiny green material.

baggy sweatpantsThe two back pockets add a lot to the look, and are probably pretty useful to have on baggy sweats. In general, these are just cool looking sweatpants that are highly recommended. Click her to get them now!

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Classic Vegan Punk Boots!

Cpunk vegan bootsoming straight from one of my favorite indie brands, RBTW, are these rockin’ punk style engineer boots. They are vegan friendly with faux-leather uppers. Likewise, the boots have 10 eyelets, reaching up to the calf on most people. Av liable in size’s 5 through 13, these unisex boots are a perfect addition to any punk styled outfit. Don’t just take it from me though, have a look at these great pics!

Get these classic styled punk boots today!

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The Cutest and Coolest Sneaker Boots That Go With Just About Anything!

KTX081_anee high Converse Chuck Taylor style sneakers have always been a staple of punk fashion. They’re versatile, and go with practically anything (and go almost anywhere too). You can fold the tops down, wear them untied and loose, put pins, chains, patches, and other accessories on them, and change out the laces for funky color. Anythings possible.

They can also be really cute looking to, if you just want to ad some TX081_C9punkish spice to a feminine outfit. In fact, they can pretty much be worn with any sort of casual clothes to add a little “oomph”
to an outfit. These are the most versatile, most coordinate-able shoes/boots you can have in your wardrobe. Get some cool punk style today!
TX081_1_35 TX081_9_37TX081_C10TX081_c TX081_C5

Hiphop Sweats That Will Make You Look Totes Swag This Winter!

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These are probably the hotest looking sweatpants and they feel as good as they look

c514657f-3842-e1aa-693f-d6bc20ef0d93df48f9be-46cd-35a7-cd89-47cce651cef9The Bouncing Age label is one that I absolutely love, as they make some really dope looking dancewear! Thier yearly collections are great for hip hop and street punk inspired looks. Weather you’re a Swag Girl, Beat-boxer, raper, or just plain trill, BA’s stuff looks great.


These sweatpants are no exception. The white striped waistband is eyecatching when wearing a crop top or sports bra. The brand label in red is attractive looking and adds some spice to the look, while the back pocket features a “patchy” look with black and white strips and the Bouncing Age logo.

Like the model shows, these work best with some hi-tops. Particularly, these would be paired great with some Air Jordans, Supras, or Adidas Pro Models. Though, those silver spiked sneakers are pretty swag too.

Uggs or Timberland boots might work well too, though you should consider getting a hoodie or varsity jacket to pair with the outfit.

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Converse Black and Red Sneakers

Converse Black and Red Hi tops!

Screen_Shot_2015-03-07_at_4_003These in particular are pretty dope looking sneakers. Black and red can go with a lot of different styles. It’s particularly great for goths. Let’s say you’re more into rocking a punk look, these also work great for pairing with a classic black anarchist symbol tshirts or tank top. Heck, if you’re more into a hiphop style, they still pair up nicely with some baggy sweatpants and a hoodie, tank, or sports bra in some combination of black and red.

Black and Red is also the color of the Georgia Bulldogs, so if you love that team, these are great for wearing to the game. 😉


Screen_Shot_2015-03-07_at_4_002Screen_Shot_2015-03-07_at_4_004Screen_Shot_2015-03-07_at_4_005Get these Black and Red Hi top Sneakers today!