Kawaii Sneakers That Are Way Cuter Than They Should Be!

CCMZ190A2For devotee’s of Kawaii, Harajuku, and Pastel Goth fashion; cute, pink, and fun are your #1 concerns when looking for wardrobe addition.

You’re also going to need some sneakers. Besides the fact that they look cool, feel good, and are a solid part of a Pastel Goth or Kawaii wardrobe; at some point you’ll be doing something that requires more “active” footwear. Hanging out with friends at a bar, walking to class or work, working out, or having some outdoors fun!

These sneakers come in two colorways, baby pink/baby blue with pink laces, baby blue/baby pink with lavender laces, turquoise blue/baby pink with magenta laces, and pink/lavender with neon pink laces. The lace choices are pretty good, but the great thing about cross-laced sneakers is that you can use any laces you want. Plain white laces would work well with the predominately pink pairs, while neon green or orange would add some color for a funky, Amekaji look.

Speaking of Amekaji, these would work well with that fashion, or even a general, cute hiphop look.

With that said, get these amazing sneakers today!

Kawaii Sneakers CCMZ190A3 CCMZ190A4 CCMZ190B1 CCMZ190B2 CCMZ190B3 CCMZ190B4 CCMZ190C1 CCMZ190C2 CCMZ190C3 CCMZ190C4 CCMZ190D1 CCMZ190D2 CCMZ190D3