Detailed Goth Thigh High Black Sneaker Boots Review

Detailed Goth Thigh High Black Sneaker Boots Review

goth street punk sneakers bootsBuying sneakers is one of those predicaments people have that can be difficult to navigate through.

Too many people get stuck on the wrong sneakers or assume they are never going to find a good option. This review is going to take a look at these cool sneaker boots that have hit the market and are pretty hot at the moment.

Here is a look at what these sneakers are all about.


1) 35 Hole Sneakers
2) Thigh Length Design
3) Come With Improved Construction And High-Quality Materials
4) Include Inner Zip For Easy Usage
5) Include Super Heavy-Duty Canvas
6) Adjustable Shaft Circumference Using Shoe Lace


Let’s begin with the elegance of these thigh-high shoes. The goth look requires a certain elegance and street punk thug girl sneakersrawness that is portrayed excellently by this brand and its sneakers. They’re a delight to look at.


The fitting is exceptional and true to size. You are not going to have an issue putting these on as soon as you get the opportunity. They are perfectly fitted and snug.


When you start walking in them for the first time, you’re going to notice how silky smooth they are. The ground underneath your feet is going to feel like you’re walking on clouds. Yes, it is that comfortable as they’ve paid attention to the design as a whole.

It is seamless and easy on the feet at all times regardless of the surface you’re walking on during the day.


thigh high gangster sneakersWant something that is going to last for a long time when it comes to your new sneakers? You are going to enjoy having these around because they are a joy to put on and will hold their own when it comes to you using them every day.

This is important for those who want the best shoes that are going to last.

Final Thoughts

These are world-class sneakers and a must for enthusiasts who want the best. Why settle for less when you don’t have to? These are the complete package, and this review says it all about the value you’re going to get once the purchase is made.

If the goal is to get something that’s durable, easy to wear, and well-fitted, you are going to know these sneakers are a must-buy. Likewise, they can be used in so many casual styles and situations. Punk, hip-hop, and even with sweater dresses or a bohemian type outfit. They could even work well with leather for a biker or BDSM look.

They are the perfect option for those who want nothing but quality and style with their sneakers. They have my personal seal of approval. Click here to buy them today!

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CCMZ190A2For devotee’s of Kawaii, Harajuku, and Pastel Goth fashion; cute, pink, and fun are your #1 concerns when looking for wardrobe addition.

You’re also going to need some sneakers. Besides the fact that they look cool, feel good, and are a solid part of a Pastel Goth or Kawaii wardrobe; at some point you’ll be doing something that requires more “active” footwear. Hanging out with friends at a bar, walking to class or work, working out, or having some outdoors fun!

These sneakers come in two colorways, baby pink/baby blue with pink laces, baby blue/baby pink with lavender laces, turquoise blue/baby pink with magenta laces, and pink/lavender with neon pink laces. The lace choices are pretty good, but the great thing about cross-laced sneakers is that you can use any laces you want. Plain white laces would work well with the predominately pink pairs, while neon green or orange would add some color for a funky, Amekaji look.

Speaking of Amekaji, these would work well with that fashion, or even a general, cute hiphop look.

With that said, get these amazing sneakers today!

Kawaii Sneakers CCMZ190A3 CCMZ190A4 CCMZ190B1 CCMZ190B2 CCMZ190B3 CCMZ190B4 CCMZ190C1 CCMZ190C2 CCMZ190C3 CCMZ190C4 CCMZ190D1 CCMZ190D2 CCMZ190D3

You Need These Super Rad, Retro Hip Hop Sweats!

TB2F640XXXXXXX9apXXXXXXXXXX-1041079287 TB2OVKhXpXXXXb3XpXXXXXXXXXX-1041079287 T2gt9YXb0cXXXXXXXX-1041079287 T2dlhAXh0OXXXXXXXX-1041079287 T21q44Xz4aXXXXXXXX-1041079287 T2y4R5XztaXXXXXXXX-1041079287 T2sRZVXi0bXXXXXXXX-1041079287

These sweatpants make for a pretty cool, 90‘s inspired hiphop look. With the right accessories, you can wear them with a ton of different styles. Pair them with a baseball cap (front-ways or backwards for added coolness), printed croptop, and some Nike or Adidas hi-tops makes for a really cool yet low key look.

Of course, you could wear them with a hooded denim jacket, beanie, and some red chucks for a retro urban look. Finally, you could pair these cool sweats with a ballcap, beanie, or bandana; a sleeveless hoodie, and a pair of Melrose Adidas sneakers for a funky and colorful sporty look.

Either way, these are a must have addition to any swag style, punk, or hiphop style wardrobe.

Too rad for school!